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Yoyo For Coffee

See how Caffé Nero have leveraged Yoyo to revolutionise marketing to their customers.

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We’ve done it before with coffee.

Yoyo In Action

How Does Yoyo Help Me Sell More Food?

The migration from coffee to food is the holy grail - Yoyo enables you to turn your morning coffee drinkers into lunchtime buyers.

Build Your Audience

Use Yoyo’s AI-powered segmentation capability to identify and target an audience of customers who grab a coffee in the morning, but never buy food items.

Build Your Offer

Identify product preference trends through your customers’ transaction data. You can then choose and promote food items that are most likely to appeal, and even create personalised campaigns that trigger when your customers buy their favourite drink.

Send Your Offer?

Reach out to your customers at the perfect moment. Send a push notification just before lunchtime, when your customers are considering where to go, so your personalised offer will be front of mind.

Yoyo In Action

Is My Loyalty Scheme Effective?

Yoyo unlocks a new level of data accuracy, revealing whether your marketing activity is actually improving financial performance.

Calculate Financial Uplift

All Yoyo-powered campaigns are run according to strict auto-control groups, so you can accurately calculate the actual financial uplift of each campaign.

Track Campaign Impact

Track the short and long term campaign impact on your customers’ behaviour, providing you with the powerful insight and the ability to take the right action.

Report On Performance

View detailed reports on campaign performance, see financial and engagement metrics, and easily share results with senior stakeholders.

Yoyo In Action

Reduce Customer Queueing Times

Spikes in footfall are brilliant, but long queues will put off even your most loyal customers. Yoyo-powered payments rapidly speeds up the checkout process to maximise in-store revenue.

Super Fast Payments

QR code technology is not only safer than cash or card payments, but we’ve also proven that it’s 4x faster than contactless.

Order Ahead

Your customers can skip queues all together by ordering and paying for their items in advance.

Digital Receipt

Through Yoyo, your customers receive a fully itemised digital VAT receipt on payment and still automatically earn loyalty.

Grow Your Customers Lifetime Value

Put an end to paper stamps and anonymous customers. Leverage Yoyo’s technology to boost customer footfall, retention and long-term sales.