Payment & Loyalty

Yoyo For Your Customers

We’ve built the fastest, most frictionless and most rewarding way for your customers to engage with you, which has been proven to increase your customer lifetime value.

Payment & Loyalty

Yoyo For Your Customers

We’ve built the fastest, most frictionless and most rewarding way for your customers to engage with you, which has been proven to increase your customer lifetime value.


Powered By Yoyo

Put mobile at the heart of your marketing strategy with a digital extension of your brand that you can be proud of.

Yoyo App

Every Yoyo retailer receives a beautifully branded space within the Yoyo app, which has more than 1.7 million users.

Your Branded App

Would you like your own dedicated app? No problem, our app generation engine will create a branded app to your specifications.


Want to supercharge your existing app? Get the power of Yoyo and benefit from all our features via the Yoyo API/SDK

In-store & Online

Omnichannel Commerce

Deliver seamless payment and automated rewards to your customers, whether they shop in-store or online. The more your customers use Yoyo, the more data you capture and the greater your understanding of what your customers want from you.

Omnichannel Commerce

Mobile App

A mobile app with real value - through one super-fast scan of a QR code (4x faster than contactless), your customers make a payment, earn/redeem loyalty and receive a digital receipt.


Integrate the most rewarding payment experience into your existing e-commerce flow, enabling your customers to pay, earn and redeem rewards and build loyalty around your online offering.


our unique card-2-mobile offering enables new customers to immediately earn rewards and register at a later date to maximise your programme participation.


Improve Retention

Yoyo-powered loyalty programmes are simple, fun and personalised around your brand. It's not just about the value of the reward, it’s about the relevance to the customer, ease of redemption and framing of the offer.

Offers & Rewards

Engage your customers through the most timely and highly personalised offers and rewards based on real-time purchase behaviour and product preference data.

Integrated Loyalty

Whether your customers buy in-store, online, or in-app, enable them to redeem rewards and promotions, while automatically earning points/stamps through every Yoyo-powered payment.

Gamified Campaigns

We make rewards fun through gamification. Our surprise and delight campaigns add an element of chance, which significantly increases engagement.


A New Customer Channel

To build meaningful relationships with your customers, you need to talk to them directly. A Yoyo-powered app is the ultimate way to connect with your customer.

Customer Communication

Drive repeat purchases through integrated in-app, push and email communications and move customers through the purchase funnel with the right message based on where they are in the buying stage.

Customer Aquisition

All Yoyo retailers are discoverable to our 1.7 million (and growing) users. Yoyo is present in nearly all universities across the UK, as well as thousands of corporate catering sites, producing an annual stream of Yoyo-natives with ever-growing disposable incomes.

Customer Feedback

Yoyo has Uber-ised the retail payment process by enabling instant transaction-linked customer feedback based on their experience with you and your products.

Customer Success

Supporting You

We take away the pain of launching and managing a world-class omnichannel payment and loyalty experience for your customers.


Our experienced onboarding team will ensure a smooth roll-out, organising everything from marketing materials about your new omnichannel payment & loyalty offering to on-site staff training.

Consumer Support

Our UK based customer support team will provide industry-leading consumer support should your customers have any issues, enabling you to concentrate on your business and bottom line.

An Award Winning Experience

What Your Customers Get?

Though fast payment and instant rewards, we make your customers feel happy every time they spend money with you.

Referrals & Sharing

Grow your customer base and spread brand love amongst customers and their friends with our referral and voucher sharing mechanisms.

Ordering Services

A host of ordering solutions for bars, cafés and restaurants making it easy for customers to order and pay.

Store Finder

Customers can easily find your closest store and check opening times.

Fast Payment

A mobile wallet payment experience that is 4x faster than contactless. One scan and payment is made, without sensitive personal or financial data being shared at the point of sale.

Digital Receipts

Everytime your customers buy from you, whether in-store, online or in-app, they automatically receive a full itemised VAT receipt.

Rewards & Offers

Paper stamps, tiered points schemes, product discounts, surprise & delight campaigns and so much more. We make the pre, during and post payment experience an enjoyable one.

Next Level Customer Experience

Give your customers the most rewarding buying experience on the planet.