Yoyo For You

Yoyo is designed to help busy marketing teams work quickly, accurately and at-scale, enabling you to build and deliver highly targeted campaigns in a matter of minutes.


Yoyo For You

Yoyo is designed to help busy marketing teams work quickly, accurately and at-scale, enabling you to build and deliver highly targeted campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Understand Your Customers

AI Powered Insight

Through the most advanced machine learning, Yoyo instantly spots marketing opportunities based on real-time customer behaviour - something that would normally take data scientists months to uncover.

Customer Lifecycle

Yoyo’s built-in customer lifecycle modelling enables you to accurately identify what stage each of your customers is based within the buyer journey, maximising the relevance of your messages and incentives.

Customer Lifetime Value

Yoyo accurately predicts the one year projected spend of each customer based on their individual purchase behaviour, so you can focus your marketing strategy on rewarding and building relationships with those who are most valuable to you.


Business Intelligence

Your transaction data reveals a lot about your customers if you know how to use it. We transform this raw data into the most valuable financial and product intelligence.

Product Analytics

We refine a vast amount of product data so you can monitor existing lines, detect patterns and predict the success of future product innovations. Utilizing transaction and basket data, we also recommend which customer groups to market specific product lines.

Financial Analytics

Monitor every sale, as well as wider business performance in real-time. Track from a portfolio-wide, regional, outlet or even cashier level to fully understand the variables that influence the bigger picture.


Audience Generation

Yoyo’s deep segmentation and recommendation features enable you to target the right group of customers with the right message, every time. Don’t pay the price of generalisation.


Segment customers based on a range of variables including: customer LTV, churn propensity, acquisition patterns, items purchased and many more. Your tailor-made segments can be dynamically updated to reflect ever-changing customer behaviour.

Recommender System

Yoyo’s in-built algorithms learn from the actions your customers take and recommend promotions that actually match behaviour. Easily build targeted audiences and select the right offer to increase campaign engagement and success.

From Insight to Action

Campaign Builder

Yoyo does all the heavy lifting to make sure your campaigns reach the right customers at the right time. Build and execute campaigns in a matter of minutes.

1. Audience

Select the audience you want your campaign to reach, choosing from highly tailored customer segments, to new customers only, or targeting all customers.

2. Set Conditions

Create one-off such as product promotions or automated behaviour-triggered campaigns like win-back offers that send as soon as a customer begins to churn.

3. Select Offer

Choose from product discounts, stamp cards and free item vouchers, as well as highly-engaging gamified rewards like prize draws and surprise & delight campaigns.

4. Content & Channel

Easy-to-use visual template builder to get branded multi-channel (in-app, push, email) messaging out of the door quickly.


Continuous Improvement

The best marketing is analytical. Yoyo gives you the campaign analysis you need to make incremental changes that result in long term improvements.

Marketing ROI

Yoyo runs every campaign with auto control groups, providing you with the most accurate reporting on the financial uplift from each campaign that clearly demonstrates true marketing ROI.

Customer Feedback

Extract customer feedback from your Yoyo-powered app in real-time, with feedback linked to products purchased, so you can deliver the best customer experience and track satisfaction over time.


What Our Partners Say

  • "Since launching with Yoyo in 2017, it's been a real partnership. We recognise the impact of Yoyo to help us build stronger and long-lasting relationships with our customers. We regularly meet Chris (our dedicated AM) and value how proactive the whole team is in helping us get the best out of the Yoyo platform."

    James Flett, Senior Marketing Manager, Caffè Nero

  • “Yoyo have really helped us interact with, and grow our customer base. Chris our account manager has been instrumental in making sure we are pushing the app in the best way possible for our customers and constantly comes up with great ideas for us to use. The team have taken the time to get to know the business and our shop teams and this allows us to work better together for the success of both our companies.”

    Katherine Laden, Head of Marketing & Brand, Harris + Hoole

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