How We Power Customer Growth

Infrastructure APIs

We’ve built a collection of infrastructure APIs that connects your POS data to our platform, unlocking real-time business intelligence, enhanced customer segmentation and personalised marketing campaigns.

Commerce API

Yoyo’s Commerce API captures SKU level basket data from all your in-store and online points of sale, providing you with location, time, basket value and much more.

Identity API

Our Customer Identity API tokenizes your customer’s transaction so that you never have to deal with their personal and financial data, ensuring Yoyo-powered transactions remain the fastest and most secure payment you will ever accept.

Wallet API

Yoyo’s feature packed wallet API powers every type of digital customer experience you could wish for, from automatic loyalty recognition and digital receipts to vouchers and store locator functionality.

Powered By

AI & Machine Learning

Data on its own is meaningless. It’s what you do with it that counts. That’s why Yoyo only delivers actionable insight via our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, enabling you to personally connect with your customers and, crucially, drive CLV.


We predict the future spend and churn of each and every customer, so you can focus resources and efforts on driving profitable customer behaviour.


In real-time, raw data is transformed into actionable insights, so you can instantly identify and seize opportunities.


The more customer intelligence we process, the smarter our algorithms become, which will only increase your customer understanding for optimal marketing activity.

Virtuous Cycle

Continuous Optimisation

Two world-class products working together in a loop of continuous optimisation.

Through every Yoyo-powered purchase, you find out more about your customers' behaviour and preferences, enabling you to deliver the most personalised experiences.

The more personalised the experience, the more engaged your customers become, which not only increases spend and footfall, but also generates more purchase data for you to learn from.

GDPR Compliant

Data Tokenization

Core to the Yoyo platform is customer privacy. That’s why we tokenize all sensitive personal and customer information, enabling you to focus on building strong relationships with your customers rather than having to worry about privacy and GDPR issues.

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